Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Birds of a feather, or a wig . . . online networking groups from serious to silly

Online networking is all the rage these days, from our own NAFLP Members-Only Forum and open Freelance Legal Professional groups on LinkedIn and Facebook to any number of other online communities. I set out to compile a list of groups that might be of interest to NAFLP members and found more than I ever imagined. Thus I abandoned, for the moment, any attempts at a comprehensive list. I have collected, however, a list of some groups that you may want to check out for business leads, mutual support, job postings, or a hearty laugh.

First on the Facebook paralegal group list is Did I seriously graduate from college to become a paralegal? boasting a membership of 477 (apparently unhappy in their career) members.

“Did you just finish paying $40,000 a year to earn a degree from a top university and are now wondering why you now make binders for a living? Are you sick and tired of making labels and sticking them on folders? Do you understand (but do you truly understand?) what a redweld-cut feels like? Do you have more client/matter numbers ingrained in your memory than phone numbers of your friends (who you don't hang out with anymore anyway because you're always at work)? Do you have nightmares about having bates stamped documents beginning with the last number from the last production rather than the next consecutive number? Have you pulled an all-nighter doing privlogging? Do you have absolutely zero desire to be a career-paralegal? Do you need to use a Tide pen after lunch to remove pizza? Do you eat all your meals in the same building you work in? If these disgruntled complaints sound familiar and you get your daily workout by lifting boxes of documents, then this is the group for you.”

I, of course, invited them to check out NAFLP for more career options.

Facebook groups for interpreters and translators include Freelance Translators, Translators United, Leave Translation to the Translators, Interpreters and Translators, Translation Jobs, and I'm a Translator, get me out of here . . . (maybe they should chat with the "Did I seriously graduate from college to become a paralegal" group).

Here are a selection of Facebook groups for lawyers – Law Students Building a Better Legal Profession, Women Lawyers - Back on Track , Future Corporate Lawyers, Future Lawyers of America, and Young Barrister Group.

Want to find legal groups on LinkedIn? Here's how I do it. Log in, search for David A. Barrett, Esq., the World's Largest LinkedIn Lawyer, review his group list and pick your favorites.

The Brits, however, take today’s award for the best laughs! These two groups were my favorites:

Save the Wig! “Various types have been threatening to abolish barristers' wigs for decades. But to my dismay, I learned last night that the Lord Chief Justice of England and Wales has resolved to abolish wigs in all civil courts in England and Wales. Voice your opposition.”

Perhaps those in opposition to wig abolishment want to ensure they continue to be recognized as barristers rather than solicitors, for reasons set forth by the next group.

"Barristers are better than solicitors in every conceivable way" group. “On the one hand you have barristers- dashing, glamorous, obscenely intelligent and effortlessly classy. Daily they stride forth, fearless and proud, to fight tirelessly for justice, freedom and the underdog, while nobly robed in wig and gown, which may be archaic, yet remain oddly alluring. The pitiful masses can only gaze in admiration as counsel hoist aloft their verbal lances, and engage in their rhetorical joust, intent only on victory (and on getting the £50 fee for some shitty bail application). And on the other side you have solicitors- squinty eyed, sallow skinned desk monkeys. Clothed in their cheap, sensible suits, boasting less charisma than a volume of the white book, and more often than not impotent. Essentially glorified secretaries, these bastards still for reasons unbeknown to any reasonable man receive sickeningly generous training contracts, before starting work on a salary which would give the average pupil a wet dream. But this is clearly only a comfort blanket, a pathetic attempt to numb the awe and envy we know they all feel for their glorious legal brethren at the Bar.”

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Charles Thomas said...

I just created the Facebook Bar Association last night. All legal professionals (including paras, court reporters, and legal sec'ys) are free to join.

The group is here -

Anyone may join, but membership requires approval.

Hope to see you there!