Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Birds of a feather - selling the flock

In fairness to the readers of my July posting regarding online networking groups on Facebook and LinkedIn ("Birds of a feather, or a wig . . .), including a reference to finding legal groups on LinkedIn via David Barrett, I thought I should post this information.
For those who are unaware, the managers of LinkedIn groups have access to the email addresses of group members. That is disclosed when you sign up for the groups. However, I just was advised that there is at least one effort to sell these "groups" on eBay. The following is the relevant portion of the email I received:

David Barrett (largest lawyer network on LinkedIn) acknowledges the new
LinkedIn policy on group ownership and seeks to transfer ownership of
approximately 90 of his 100 LinkedIn Lawyer Networking groups.
As a member of these groups or a connection to David, you are invited to contact
David about taking over ownership of a Lawyer Networking Group in the My
Link Law family and found at
Contact David with your proposal for a particular group by email before
groups go up for auction on Ebay.
Best Regards, David A. Barrett, Esq

Birds of a feather up for auction? It just doesn't seem right.

Just to be clear, NAFLP does not, and will not, sell its LinkedIn or Facebook member lists (both are called "Freelance Legal Professionals") to anyone.

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