Friday, January 9, 2009

Want to leave your "secure" legal job despite the economy? You are in good company

I wanted to share with our readers an article from the CNN website about former high-paid executives of Google who have recently left their high-paying, secure jobs to start their own businesses and work for themselves, despite the uncertain economy.

"Big company. Big salary. Big sendoff.
That's the formula millions of American workers used for years to map their career trajectory. Conventional wisdom advised workers to land a job with a big company and retire with generous benefits.
But there's a new breed of worker who is making that formula seem as quaint as a VHS tape. They are the ultimate risk-takers -- they leave large, successful companies to pursue their own dreams even though the economy is reeling."
Read the entire article at They left the cocoon to blossom

Undoubtedly some of you resolved that this year you would leave the job you hate and work for yourself, but may hesitate because of the state of the economy. Read this article; you may change your mind.


Anonymous said...

Great Site. Thanks for the tip!


Anonymous said...

Found your site on End of Esq. Glad to know I'm not the only one!