Thursday, May 7, 2009

NAFLP Co-Founders Quoted in Major Legal Publications

The interest in legal freelancing is gaining momentum as reflected in major periodicals publishing articles about this segment of the legal industry. In the past week, NAFLP co-founders were each cited in articles published by the American Bar Association and the National Law Journal.

"Lawyer for Hire: Freelance Contractors Change the Marketplace", Hannah Hayes, Perspectives, Vol. 17, Number 3.
"[M]any freelance contract lawyers must fight the perception that 'they are between jobs or don't have it in them to be a "real" lawyer," [Amanda] Mineer points out. "It's about a balanced life . . ."

"Downturn May Have an Upside for Contract Attorneys", Emily Heller, National Law Journal, May 5, 2009.
"'I have more work than I know what to do with,' [Melody Kramer]
said. 'I think the market is perfectly primed for freelancing right

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