Sunday, February 14, 2010

The difference between a freelancing career and being a temporary worker

NAFLP member Stacy Lilly passed on the following article from the Wall Street Journal - "How to Succeed in the Age of Going Solo" regarding the dramatic increase in self-employed workers over the past decade and how to distinguish yourself from other consultants.

The entire article, by Richard Greenwald, is a good read, especially as you are reevaluating your business plans and goals for the year. Here are a few highlights -

"The consultants and freelancers who are most successful offer a technical skill or expertise that is too expensive or infrequently used for companies to keep in-house. . . . "[F]inding the next assignment cannot be done at the expense of retaining and enhancing these skills. Cutting-edge expertise is vital to long-term professional health."

He also recommends joining a network, having your own space for conducting work, and thinking like an entrepreneur. Read the whole article here.

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