Tuesday, April 20, 2010

17 places to list your business online

Guest blog post, courtesy of Frank Cowell, Elevator Marketing Store

When it comes to increasing inquiries and traffic to your business, the more visitors to your website, the better. Of course, targeted traffic is best and you don't want to drive people to your website in unrelated ways.

That's why we've compiled a list of 17 places that you can list your business online. While there is no charge to list your website, be prepared to spend some time getting through all 17. However, if done correctly, it can pay off. In addition to the no-cost listings, many of these websites offer paid options that provide you with "enhanced" listings.

Once you establish your listings, you'll want to pay attention to them on a monthly basis to make sure the information stays up-to-date and that you are monitoring any feedback or reviews from customers. Praise the good and immediately address the bad to show that you are a business that cares about its reputation. And, remember, the more tools you use in your marketing, the more your "phones will ring and the doors will swing!"

Yelp - "Word of mouth amplified". This is a favorite. Once set up we encourage you to maintain updates. Your customers will review and post their experiences... for the whole world to see. Talk about accountability!

Facebook - More of a social networking site, we added Facebook because of your ability to 'be found.' While most people don't specifically use Facebook as a resource finder, listing your business with a 'fan page' can help people 'stumble upon' you!

LinkedIn - Another social networking site, primarily for individual professionals. This site offers great opportunities to connect and a ton of resources.

Backpage - A lot like Craig's List in that it's kind of a classified ads website. Here, you can post basic ads with options for inexpensive, automated reposting. Very user friendly, super quick and highly recommended.

See all 17 on the Elevator Marketing Store website...

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