Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Participate in a Salary Survey for Contract Attorneys

NAFLP has been invited to participate in collecting data for a survey by The Posse List ( The purpose of the survey is to provide contract attorneys with real information on what starting salaries are for those who move into full-time positions after doing contract work.

For consistency purposes, please provide the following information:

1. Position/Job Title
2. Type of organization (e.g. law firm, non-profit, defense contractor, lobbying group)
3. Compensation - salary plus any bonus/commission
4. Location
5. # of years doing contract work
6. Years of legal experience you had before transitioning into this position (do not include contract work).

This information can be emailed to for compilation and forwarding, or directly to of The Posse List. If you want to provide information about others you know who made successful transitions, this is okay; so long as it is first-hand knowledge and not the "a friend of a friend" type information, but identify the information as such.

We will be posting the results when the survey has been completed.

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