Monday, March 24, 2008

Working as a Freelance Legal Professional....It can be a CHOICE!

We've recently received emails and comments related to legal professionals working contract work, not out of choice, but out of "necessity." Many of these comments come from contract attorneys working on document review projects. Having worked such projects myself I can understand the frustrations and the feelings that you are not going anywhere in your legal career while working such projects.

I would like to introduce a possibly new concept about contract work, not only for attorneys, but for paralegals, court reporters and interpreters. Working as a Freelance Legal Professional can be a choice. A choice you make for your own life in order to allow YOU to control your days, your hours, your life! It may feel like that is impossible, but let me tell you, it isn't! I've worked freelance work for about three years, and it has allowed me to have true balance in my life and allowed me to start my own practice while always having freelance work to lean back on. Freelance work was MY choice, MY decision, not because I couldn't find another job, but because I CHOSE to! Now in my legal practice I hire Freelance Legal Professionals to do project work and it allows me to outsource work while not undergoing the expense of hiring an employee. There are advantages on both sides of the coin!

Our goal for the National Association of Freelance Legal Professionals is not only to create an environment for Freelance Legal Professionals to communicate and share troubles, frustrations etc., but also to create a revolution in the legal industry, to provide a truly 'acceptable' way for talented professionals to work on a freelance basis, not 'destroy' their career. We believe in the ability for us to change the industry norm for how Freelance Legal Professionals are paid, treated, and promoted. We believe in creating a standard, to changing the perception of those who work on a contract basis. We also believe in educating the legal community on the value of hiring Freelance Legal Professionals!

Believe in our goals, our vision? Join US! Enter code "freelance08" for FREE membership!

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